Frost on the Pumpkins

pumpkin carvings
Bought a pumpkin last night at the local church pumpkin patch. It was only $10 and I like to carve a pumpkin for Halloween even though there’s no kids in the house. I just think it is part of the fall celebration and its fun.

If my yard got more sun I could plant some pumpkin seeds myself and have a nice garden. But there’s no sun – too many trees. Then again, the shade from the trees is nice and helps keep my house cooler in the summer. So its a trade-off.

House of Cards

Did you ever take a deck of playing cards and try to build houses or towers with the cards? We did that a few times when we were kids and stuck in the house on a rainy day. I liked to keep the houses low, just one or two stories, with a maze of different rooms and hallways. But my sister like to go for high towers. She would get them almost as tall as she was, and then one of our brothers would swoop into the room and knock it down. The little brats!

Justice in Italy

My friend, Micah, called me yesterday afternoon so excited to share the news that the court in Italy had freed those two poor young Americans from jail. It has been a horrible tragic story for over four years about how a beautiful English college girl had been raped and murdered in her rented home in a little college town in Italy. The other girl who shared the house came home after an evening with her boyfriend and discovered the body. Then the police went nuts accusing her and her boyfriend of having an orgy gone wrong and threw three kids in jail with almost no evidence and no clear motive. It was horrible and my heart aches for everyone involved.

At least now the girl can come home to America and try to start her lie over again. I hope she gets a huge book and movie deal to make some money and help make up for the four years she had to spend in that awful Italian jail. The whole story makes me not want to ever visit Italy – some place Micah and I’ve always wanted to visit – until now I see how the police treat people.

Definite Chill

There was a definite chill in the air this morning. Usually I can dash out to get the newspaper in the morning and I don’t need a jacket or anything – it is a short dash. But this morning I was down right cold by the time I reached the end of the driveway.

I ran back to the house pretty quick, just to get inside to the toasty warm of my own room. It was really nice to smell the aroma of brewing coffee, feel the soft carpet under my feet and jump back onto my king sized bed to snuggle with the dogs for a little while.