Special Star Watching Nights

Some of my friends are talking about some special things going on in the night sky over this next month or so. There are some special alignments of the planets that means that on some nights we can see three planets very clearly, and Venus will be totally HUGE to the naked eye.

And then there will be a short period when we can actually see five planets in the night sky at the same time. You don’t even have to go use a big telescope or anything – you just have to know where to look. I am going to check that out – I think the stars and planets are very cool.

Pointing Out the Obvious

So, years ago the Pillsbury company decided to make refreigerated biscuits in a can. They came in a roll of 8 biscuits, which meant that each person in a traditional family of two adults and two kids would have 2 biscuits each.

Then they decided to make Grands biscuits in a can. These were a lot bigger than the regular biscuits, and they came 6 to a can, so if you had a larger family, you could buy the Grands biscuits and everyone could have one biscuit. Because they were so much bigger than the regular biscuits, you didn’t need two of them.

So today I was grocery shopping and decided to buy a can of biscuits. I am not a fan of the Grands biscuits because I have been watching my weight and don’t want to eat that much bread. So I was going to get a can of regular biscuits.

EXCEPT – and get this! – the regular biscuits are now called, Mini-Grands.

What? Is that not actually redundant word play or something? They are not Grands, so they are mini Grands? What happened to REGULAR!?!?

Poster Board

Where does a person buy a big sheet of poster board? I have no idea. I have not even seen a piece of poster board since high school Who uses that stuff anyway?

My boss wants me to buy 4 sheets of white poster board for a big presentation that she is doing next week. She says that we need some visual aids for the presentation. I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to use Powerpoint and the retractable screen in the conference room. But she’s the boss and now I am on the hunt for poster board.

Yes, I’m Up Early

im up

Last night was not good for getting any sleep. I must have eaten something that upset my stomach because I have been feeling sick for hours. Now I have just given up on trying to get any sleep and decided to get up. I have my coffee pot working and I hope the coffee will get me awake quick.