Favorite Christmas Movie

Everyone keeps asking what is your favorite Christmas movie? I really don’t have one. I don’t like Christmas movies, but when i was really young I do remember watching a cute animated movie about Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer. That was a sweet movie that taught a lesson about not being perfect but still being special. I liked that and the message.

Ho Ho Ho

Did Santa come visit last night? He brought me lots of nice things! I especially like the new coffee maker. Its on of the Keurig single cup makers. They use a little plastic cup filled with different coffee flavors, called a k-cup. I love these and can’t wait to set mine up in my kitchen and have a cup of fresh Columbian coffee in the morning.

Sausage Gravy

Most of the time I skip breakfast meats and eggs in the mornings. I like an English muffin, a bagel or maybe just some cinnamon raisin bread toast with a little real butter. In the summer I might try a bowl of cold cereal, but in the winter I don’t really like the cereal.

For Christmas I bought a lot of extra foods that I don’t normally eat. I have the stuff to make sausage gravy and buttermilk biscuits on Christmas morning. I might cook a hash brown casserole, too. Just don’t know what to do about the eggs. I can’t make an omelet. Maybe just scrambled – with a little cheese.

Let’s Do the Tree

Some people put up their Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving or at least one day on the weekend right after Thanksgiving. I know a lot of my girlfriends would never consider sacrificing their Black Friday shopping for the sake of decorating a tree. But most people have their tree up and decorated by now.

I really need to get on that – maybe my girlfriend Margret will come over and give me a hand. She loves to decorate and do all that domestic stuff. Her house is always gorgeous with all those special touches, and she even goes out and helps some local businesses decorate their office. I’m fine with admitting that I need help. Margret???

Just a Suggestion

Why do people come to you for advice and tell you this whole long story and you talk about it for, like, hours. And you make a suggestions and then say, yes, you are right. And then they go and don’t do anything that you talked about? They do something crazy different! And then they come back in a couple of days boo hoo-ing about how they are miserable and everything is worse. And blah, blah, blah.

You know what? If I give you advice, then I expect to take it to heart. If you don’t follow my advice, then don’t come crying later! Damn!

Christmas Decor


This Christmas card made me think of a great joke to pull on my mother. She has always loved trips to Florida, and Florida has this thing about flamingos. So we kids started buying her crappy things with flamingos on them. Like coffee mugs, blanket throws, curtains, lamps, all kinds of junk. It got to be so much that she has a whole bedroom dedicated to her flamingos collection.

It would be a real hoot to find some of the large plastic flamingos and put them in her yard with Santa hats on them. OMG! She would get such a thrill!