Poster Board

Where does a person buy a big sheet of poster board? I have no idea. I have not even seen a piece of poster board since high school Who uses that stuff anyway?

My boss wants me to buy 4 sheets of white poster board for a big presentation that she is doing next week. She says that we need some visual aids for the presentation. I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to use Powerpoint and the retractable screen in the conference room. But she’s the boss and now I am on the hunt for poster board.

What Do You Look Like?


Have you noticed that a whole lot of people on Facebook are not using a photo in their profile that is current? A lot of them are not even photos – they are cartoons or posters that make a statement. I wish people would just post a current photo of themselves – it is not that hard to get a nice photo. But do not take the photo yourself while standing in front of a bathroom mirror. I cannot stand to look at photos of other people’s bathrooms. Seriously!

Star Gazing

My boyfriend has a new Android cell phone and he has been busy downloading apps for it. I have watched and most of them seem pretty boring. They are mostly for guys, I think.

There is a cool one that I saw, though. This one lets you hold the camera up to the sky at night, and the stars that show on your viewfinder are geocoded somehow. The app tells you what stars and planets you are looking at, what the constellations are by outlining them on your phone, and letting you take a picture of an eclipse. That was pretty cool.

Texting is Hard on the Old Phones

If you want to start texting people you really need to ditch your old basic phone. The new phones have keyboards and you only press a key once to have it register. The old phones need you to press the same keys repeatedly to advance through the alphabet. That is so time consuming and so easy to make a mistake. I am looking into getting a new phone next month when my contract runs out. There are some really good deals on the internet and some of them don’t even require a new contract. I just have to wait a month, then my thumbs will be getting a real workout!

GPS Help

Sometimes I really appreciate having a GPS in the car. Most of the time I know where I need to go. But sometimes I get stuck in traffic and need to find an alternate route. If I’m in a part of town that I don’t know very well, the GPS really comes in handy helping me find a way around the traffic snarl or accident, without making a lot of wrong turns or heading down dead end streets.

Cell Phone Rechargers

My cell phone recharger got stepped on and now it doesn’t work. I have to get to the store and buy a new one ASAP. My phone battery doesn’t last long any way, so if I don’t recharge the phone every night I run out of battery charge before the day is done.

Looking for a Netbook computer?

Well I have seen quite a few of those ‘mini-laptop’ computers lately just about everywhere it seems.  I had wondered which ones were worth the time and money and which ones weren’t.  So where to go to find out??  Of course you should check out PC World.  After all, they will let you in on what’s what about computers. You can still buy a paper printed magazine at the grocery or book stores, or you can read a lot of their articles online.

Here’s a great idea!

Have you ever heard of social media marketing? Basically what that is would something like me writing a blog post about a product and that in turn is a form of marketing.  I am basically writing a small commercial about what ever product I’m talking about that day and recommending you go purchase it or check it out.  Well that’s what ‘social media marketing’ is all about.  They used to call it ‘word of mouth’ but everyone is on the computer these days instead of meeting at the local pub or restaurant.  So the ‘word of mouth’ advertising is now ‘social media marketing’.  How about that?

I think I’m going to change web hosts

When I first started my blog, I didn’t know squat about web hosts.  Boy have I learned a lot since then though.  A friend of mine suggested I check out a blog about web hosts so that I could learn more about the different ones that are offered.  That was the best advice anyone ever gave me as far as anything to do with my blog goes.  I’m so very glad they told me to check it out.  Just about any question you might have, you’ll manage to find the answer to it on their blog.  Nice to know that there’s help out there for us less knowledgeable in things like that.

Not only did that help with my questions about webhosting but this site helped me in more ways than the blog did once I learned what to look for.  These guys break down the good, the bad and the ugly of  web hosting.  They tell you which one is the best value, which one is best for your needs like blogs or an ecommerce web site and that makes it easier to choose the right host for you.  It’s sort of like having your own personal computer geek at your beck and call.  How cool is that?

All you could ask for

Usually a web site only contains one satellite service but not this web site. Direct TV Questions are answered on there as well and Dish network.  You don’t have to do any comparison shopping because  Kaptain Satellite compares them for you.

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of my cable service because they change their rates so ofter and you get better packages from satellite TV I have found.  I would rather be watching something I like than stuck with having to get a bunch of channels that I don’t watch just to get one I do like.  How about you?