This morning I woke up early and went outside to get the morning newspaper from the end of the driveway. When I opened the door to step outside, I startled several rabbits who had been eating clover from my front yard. There were several little babies in the group of rabbits that quickly hopped away. That was pretty cool to see first thing this morning.

Eight Facts About the FBI

You’d be hard pressed to find an American who has not heard of the FBI. But, that certainly doesn’t mean that Americans know all they should about the bureau. In fact, over the years, there have been many misconceptions about the FBI, its role and its reputation. Here are eight facts about the FBI that you may not know.

  1. The FBI does not try cases – The Department of Justice receives investigative results from the FBI. They then make the decision on whether or not to try the case, and the US Attorney’s Office prosecutes.
  2. The FBI’s motto is Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity – Their motto carries the same initials as their agency name.
  3. The longest running director of the FBI was J. Edgar Hoover – Hoover was director from 1924-1972. Hoover was the original director of the agency, and remained its director until his death. Hoover was a very controversial figure, and often used illegal tactics to gain information. Hoover’s reputation is what led to subsequent FBI directors being limited to 10-year terms. The federal building that houses the FBI in Washington, DC is named after Hoover.
  4. The FBI was originally called the Bureau of Investigations – The name was changed to Federal Bureau of Investigations in 1935.
  5. The FBI was a leader in the field of Composite Sketch Art- The FBI was the first agency to develop a standard for composite sketching to be used by many different agencies. This technique, called standard methodology, allows both artists and non-artists to develop composite sketches.
  6. Every Special Agent of the FBI completes a 21 week training course at FBI Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia. This includes their firearms proficiency training and testing. Throughout their tenure with the FBI, agents must maintain firearm proficiency.
  7. FBI agents must be between the ages of 23 and 37 when the bureau initially hires them. However, some preference veterans may apply after the age of 37.
  8. Under the Freedom of Information Act, you have a right to obtain a copy of any file that the FBI has on you. In reality, however, the FBI has files on relatively few Americans. Unless you have been suspected of a federal crime or you have provided information in a federal investigation, there’s likely no FBI dossier for you. However, over the years, the FBI has had records on many famous people, including Elvis Presley, John Denver, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson. It has been said that the FBI once sent a letter to Dr. Martin Luther King encouraging him to commit suicide.

The FBI remains an enigma in US culture. Few law enforcement agencies in the world have held the mystique of the FBI. Between the federal agents located in Washington, DC, the 56 field offices throughout the United States and the more than 50 international offices, the FBI has maintained a wide reaching presence, and a wide reaching reputation for being one of the most significant law enforcement agencies in the world.

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Leave it on?

There must be a lot of people who fall asleep each night with the TV left on. I think that is so wasteful of electricity and the noise must be disturbing to a good night’s sleep. I know that I want to have peace and quiet when I am ready for bed. I don’t want the distraction of all that noise in the background, plus that awful blue-ish light from the TV fills the room and spills out of the windows.

My girlfriend, Katelyn, was just talking about that same thing a couple of days ago. Ever since she mentioned it, I have noticed how many of my neighbors have that blue light shining from at least one room in their house as late as midnight. I know they cannot all be still up and awake at midnight. They must be falling asleep with the TV left one.

End of Summer Clearance Items

All the local stores have summer items on clearance now. There are some great bargains if you have the cash and want to store the things until Spring and next Summer. I found a great propane grill that was originally over $400 and it was marked down to only $135 at target. The clerk even knocked off another 10% because I got the last one and it was a floor model with no box. Now that’s a bargain!

Summer Wrapup

I cannot believe today is the first day of September. That means that summer is almost over and we have to get ready for Autumn.

I like Autumn, but I have allergies to leaf mold. So even though the leaves are beautiful to look at, they make my eyes water and my nose get stuffed up. Sometimes I get a sore throat and sometimes my ears hurt, too. So I have about 3 weeks of misery ahead of me.