Studying for Exams

Tonight is the big cram session. We have exams coming up and this is the only night I have 4 straight hours to spend on studying. I think I learned most of the important stuff as we went along, but I always get nervous on tests and exams. So I’m reading through all of my notes and using a highlighter to help the information sink in deeper. I hope.

Movie Prices are Outrageous

Its been ages since I went to the movies in a real theater. But I really wanted to do something fun and different, and there are bunches of new movies coming out that look really promising. I know that all of them will be out on DVD just in time for Christmas, but I don’t want to wait that long for all of them.

I went with my Study Buddy from school as a treat to say thank you for all her help and moral support during these classes. This past month has been the hardest – its like they are rushing us to get through it all and I’m starting to panic about not only learning the new material but remembering everything else they taught me over the past 2 years.

So we went to the new theaters out in Providence Shopping Center and each ticket was 16. Sixteen Bucks! This is too much! I can buy the DVD for $16 bucks and watch it over and over again as much as I want. The movie theaters have go to charge less money for a ticket if they want me to come back again.