We’re having a New Years party tomorrow night

Well my sisters and I have all decided to get together with a few friends and have a New Years party tomorrow night.  We’re having it at my sisters house since she has a kid and she won’t have to take him to a sitters that way.  He’s a great kid so I’m sure he’ll be out by 9 pm, which is his regular bedtime.  Even if he stays up a little late, that’s okay with us too.

There’s not going to be a bunch of drinking and stuff like that.  We are all not much on drinking.  I think it’s because each of us are control freaks and drinking makes us give up control.  Can’t have that.  Plus there’s nothing worse than someone telling you what a good time YOU had at a party and you were too drunk to remember.  It’s more fun to stand back and watch everyone else make a complete and total idiot out of themselves.  Not that’s fun!!!

Anyway, we’re all splitting the cost for soft drinks, a bottle of champagne (which none of us like the taste of but we have to toast the new year), and all of the snack food so it won’t cost anyone very much.  There should be about 12 people there not including my nephew.

Whew am I glad Christmas is over

I do love Christmas but I’m so glad when it’s all over and I can just sit back and relax for a day or two.  It’s rush here and go there and wrap this and ‘Oh no, I forgot that!’

I don’t care what I forgot to buy for who, I will not go out shopping the last week before Christmas.  I hate the way they commercialize Christmas.  That’s not what it should be.  It should be a time to celebrate with family and loved ones.  It’s supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Not a celebration to the gift god.

It’s amazing how many people don’t realize that Santa Clause represents the Three Wise Men bringing their gifts to the Baby Jesus at night so as not to bring trouble to him.  That’s how Santa Clause came about and what he stands for.  Christmas is a celebration of children but we need to all make sure that even the youngest child knows what we are celebrating and why.

Sure they are the center of Christmas but the true center of Christmas is Jesus Christ.  No I’m not a religious fanatic but I do know that there is something or someone greater than I am.

Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas

Well tomorrow is Christmas Day and I’m sure the last thing on my mind will be my computer.  I wanted to make sure to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas to anyone and everyone that reads my blog.  I do appreciate it very much that you stop by.  I hope I have brought a little pleasure into your life or helped in some small way.  That’s what life is all about, helping one another.

My father always volunteered at the local Disabled American Veterans Association and that’s a legacy we carry on in his honor.  They’re feeding the local veterans or the families of deployed service men this evening and my family will be there to gladly serve them.

My oldest sisters birthday is today

No I’m not about to tell you how old she is because I wouldn’t live to ever do it again.  I personally think it’s silly not to want people to know how old you are.  There’s not a darn thing you can do to change it so what’s the big deal?  My mother is like that too.  They are the only ones that have a problem with telling how old they are.  My other sister and I could care less who knows how old we are.  Sort of like Popeye always says “I yam what I yam.”

She has always hated her birthday being this close to Christmas.  She said it always felt like just a few extra presents for Christmas instead of her birthday.  In fact, a lot of people would buy her things and put “Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas” on it.  They would also wrap her presents in Christmas paper instead of Birthday wrapping paper so it just made it all run together for her.

Mom tried to help her out by giving her something on our birthday too but it started to get a bit expensive when she started having to buy presents for all three of us on each of our birthdays.  Oh well, it was good while we got them though.

What a treat

My nephew was in his first Christmas play at his preschool.  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  The little ones were all dressed like tiny angels and barn yard animals.  Of course my nephew was the jack………donkey.  OOPS!!!!!!  Anyway, the play used each age group of kids for different levels within the play.  It was done like a cowboy type play.

It was a musical and had a lot of really neat songs in it too.  The kids did great on the singing.  Of course the little ones stood there and shoot tambourines or what ever musical instrument they had.  They did so good for their age.  The theme of the play was like a cowboy play but it was the ‘Bethlehem Ranch’.  The bigger kids were dressed with cowboy hats and cowboy boots but then sort of traditional garments for the time of when Jesus was born.  They did all of their lines with deep country accents too.

I would give anything if I could tell you about it but it’s hard to explain.  The one thing I can tell you is it was about the best Christmas play I have ever seen.  My nephew was so cute in his donkey suit.  I was so proud of all of the kids because they all did a wonderful job.

Things I ordered just arrived

Boy was I glad to see the UPS truck pull in.  I had ordered a bunch of stuff from abcdistributing.com and it was getting a bit too close to Christmas for my comfort.  I was scared to death that something had happened to my package because it was supposed to be here three days ago.  They had never let me down at ABC Distributing before so I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best.  I almost gave the UPS guy a big hug when he knocked on my door.

I kept remembering one Christmas when Mom ordered just about everything we girls were getting from JC Penney’s and they promised her that she would have the items by the beginning of December.  Well it didn’t come and it didn’t come and Mom called and called and all they could tell her is it was shipped and should be there and IF it isn’t, then give it a day or two and it will be there.

Just four days before Christmas, Mom had to go out and try to find presents for us for Christmas.  It was crazy and we didn’t get hardly anything we had asked for but it was still a good Christmas.  Then in February, the UPS guy knocked on the door with a package……………you guessed it, our Christmas presents.  Mom told him to take it back and make sure they took as long to get it back to JC Penney’s as it took for them to get it to her.

Snow Day

It’s been snowing all day today but there is no snow on the ground. It falls from the sky in a shower of flakes and then melts on the ground. We haven’t had any disruption of school or bad traffic issues, thank goodness. But it was our first official snowfall today.