Having the Talk

There has never been a good outcome for me when someone (whether friend, family, co-worker, or boss) has told me, “We need to talk.” When I hear that I want to run right home, crawl into bed and pull the covers up over my head!

My mother had a unique way of bringing up a problem. She would say, “I have a bone to pick with you.”

Busy at work

Gosh I have been so busy at work lately. It seems like we are just over loaded with a ton of paperwork that has to be done by the end of the year. I know that a lot of it has to do with making sure everything goes to the accounting department, but I cannot figure out how so much did not get turned in by people. Almost all of these accounts are from my co-workers. I have only had two that I didn’t get turned in and they are from last weeks work. Trying to keep up with everyone else’s work and mine is putting me behind and really irritating me.

My boss is aware of the situation and has already promised me a bonus for handling all of this on top of my own work. I am laughing a little bit though. The bonus is coming from my co-workers paychecks, since they are being docked for not doing their jobs. I should feel bad because it is happening right before the holiday’s but I don’t. It is their own fault for their laziness. Anyway, I have a ton of stuff to do so far well for now.


Our business lawyers at work have decided to retire. They are a very old firm and all of the employees have been there forever. I was quite surprised to hear that they all decided to retire at the same time. Being a small town, it really shouldn’t have surprised me. However, I now have to find new business lawyers for my job. It really shouldn’t be too hard. The ones we have now, have recommended a few different firms to look into.

I am going to interview with them, because I really want to know that we can get along with whomever is going to be working so closely with us. Not all personalities get along after all. Other than that, we trust that the firms whom were recommended are good at their job. Business lawyers handle our expansions as we are a growing company and that growth has been very fast. I am sure that I will have this worked out by the end of the week, so that they can get up to speed on our company and it’s needs.


I am in a baking frenzy. I do not know why I have this need to bake all of a sudden, but I can’t seem to stop myself. I have made so much stuff recently, that my co workers are happy as clams. I end up taking much of it to work and setting it out in the break room. My friend Sally says I am trying to make her fat. I could only laugh at that. Maybe it is the holidays coming up that has me in this baking frenzy. I will probably be all baked out by December.


Work has been so slow lately. As an independant contractor that is not a good thing. The bills are piling up and to make matters worse, I haven’t gotten paid for some work I did back in May. It is only fourty dollars, but that would out gas in my car for a week. I hope things get better soon.

You never know

You never know where life it going to take you. I have been all over this country. Lived everywhere it seems, but each place I have been I have met great people. I have also met some not so great people. I miss those whom I have had to leave behind, but I try to keep in touch as much as I can, by phone or online.

I was fortunate to be able to talk to my brother a couple of days ago. He has his own lawn care company. He has had it for a really long time and has built it from the ground up all on his own. He does a really good job with it and I am very proud of him. I am hoping that he will come visit me soon. At least he said he was going to scoop up dad and head up this was in a couple of months. I can’t wait to see him. So anyway, I will let you go. Have a great day.

Side job

I got this side job working a convention. I really didn’t need the job, but a friend of mine needed some help because on of her people couldn’t make it. I am now in charge of crowd control. This should be fun. I get to tell people where to go. That is a woman’s dream job, well sort of. I know I am being a smarty pants, but I am in a great mood. I get to spend time with my friend and make a little money on the side. That is definitely a bonus.

I have to set up all of the stanchions and velvet rope that will direct the traffic throughout the convention hall. There will be a buffet as well as a lot of speakers in different rooms, so that means a lot of set up. I will probably help set up the tables and chairs as well. I am sure that my friend will have me doing all kinds of stuff.

Completely jazzed

I just received my passport. It takes quite some time for a passport to be made. Not as long as it used to but it is still a lengthy process non the less. It used to take six weeks or more to get one. Now it is down to about three. Well, at least that is how long it took to get mine. Perhaps it is because I have a business trip coming up soon and my company helped put in the paperwork. I am not sure, but I am happy to have it.

International job

Well, I have an exiting new account at work, that is going to let me not only travel, but delve into another culture. We are doing a consulting job for a company in Romania. I am so looking forward to the time I will get to spend on this account. My boss has already promised that when he goes to Romania, I will be able to accompany him. I have to procure the services of a translation agency for the documentation as it will be in our best interest and let the client know that we really care about their business.

The translation service will take all of our documentation to and from this client so that there is no confusion what so ever. I especially arranged this because while the client speaks a lot of English himself, we would like to make them feel more comfortable. Using a translation company has worked very well for us in the past, so we are quite content with the process. I will over see all of the documentation myself to make sure that it is one hundred percent correct. I am sure it will be though. This is an amazing opportunity for me.