Would this be good for a teenager?

When Shawna told me that her teenage son Justin was interested in learning how to compose and mix his own music, using his computer, I was quite surprised! I had no idea that there would be any kind of software available for a regular computer that would allow a beginner to do things like that.

Shawna told me that Justin was telling her that he might like to learn more about the sony acid music studio software, and see if that would be a good idea to get. I was trying to help out by finding some reviews on the product, but so far I haven’t seen any. So, if any of my readers out there have tried this, I’d like to know what you think – would this be a good program to buy for a teenager that is just starting out?

Spring ahead already?

I must be suffering from serious brain cramps. This morning I heard the news people on the Today Show talking about how Daylight Savings Time is going to start this Sunday, March 13th. For some reason I thought I was hearing things! Daylight savings time already? For some reason I was thinking that did not start this early in the year, that it was some time in April. Seems to me I remember several years ago “they” decided to slowly extend the amount of time that “is” daylight savings time, by starting it earlier and ending it later, but boy, did this creep up on me, or what? So I thought I was hearing things, and went to look at the calendar hanging on the wall. Sure enough, it is true, this Sunday it is!

I decided to go online and see when it started last year and found that it was early March then, too. And the year before that, and before that, and before that, and before that…… Now I am really concerned about my sanity! I guess some of my brain cells that stored that memory have died of old age, or neglect, one or the other! When did my life get so hectic that facts like these get shoved aside and forgotten?

Love and Chocolates

It’s really cool to have a holiday dedicated to love. So many other days are dedicated to births and deaths, but Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the love that makes it all happen.

Even people who have been a long time married couple appreciate the excuse to express their love to each other. This is one of my favorite holidays – it is all things good: love, chocolates, red roses, lingerie, a nice dinner out at a restaurant. Good things!

Not just a website

Sometimes the Internet can be so seductive that we may forget that stores have a brick and mortar presences as well as a website. One great thing about having both is that people who may not know that a business like guitar center has a brick and mortar guitar center nj store can find out that they have one by visiting their website first.

Lunch with Sherri

This morning I got a nice surprise phone call from my friend, Sherri. She wanted to know if I could get away for lunch. Of course I said yes!

We met at Famous Dave’s Barbecue and had a great visit. We have been friends for a very long time but lately we have neglected to get together for quality face time. Sending jokes via email is not enough to keep a good friendship going!

Sherri got rid of her glasses since I last saw her and is using contact lenses again. I think she looks great without the glasses and one of these days I might do the same thing. Sherri says that the cost of contacts is so low now that it is actually cheaper than paying for new eyeglasses!

Merry Christmas To ALL My Friends and Family

A good friend of mine sent me this card. When I got it I was pleased that she felt comfortable enough with me to send me a card like this instead of a traditional Christmas card. I find it very interesting that the history of Christians celebrating Christmas in December was largely planned around the pagan winter celebrations. I wonder, as time goes on, if our society will become more, or less, tolerant of different spiritual and religious beliefs. The way I’ve seen some things going on lately, it seems that we are becoming less tolerant, which makes me sad, since the country was supposedly founded on a belief in religious freedoms.

Whatever YOUR religious, or spiritual beliefs are, I hope that you have a wonderful time this winter holiday season!

All the little parts that you need

My sister recently got interested in going to a karaoke bar every week with some friends. Her husband decided to buy her a little karaoke machine to use at home. She was hoping to get a wireless microphone to use with the machine.

The microphone that came with the machine has a cord, and she likes to dance while she is singing. She finds herself almost tripping over the cord when she is dancing. The problem seems to be that she doesn’t know all of the different parts that she will need for the wireless microphone to work.

I am trying to help her find out, and have been trying to understand if the wireless microphones we have been finding have their own amplifier or not, and what she would be able to use for speakers. Can she use her current karaoke machine at all for any of that? Or her TV set? We are feeling pretty stupid right about now!

Happy Thanksgiving

We’ve been busy wishing all our friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving. Went to the grocery store with a list of all the important things so we wouldn’t forget anything. I’m cooking fresh green beans, corn pudding, and the sweet potatoes – with mini-marshmallows and caramelized walnuts.

My sister is doing the turkey – it’s 26 pounds of terror if I had to deal with it. I have never cooked a turkey yet! I might make it until old age without having to deal with a big bird that is so easy to undercook or overcook and so hard to get thawed out safely and in time to get in the oven for a big crowd with high expectations. As long as someone else will cook the bird, I’ll be happy to do the rest.

A Squirrel with Manners

This squirrel was so cute! He would run over to the table and then stand up on his hind legs and look like he was begging. Then when he felt safe, he would dash over to the food that was dropped and pick it up.

He left people get very close to him, but he would not let anyone feed him out of their hand. The food had to be on the ground before he would take it.

Did You Dress Up?

So many adults are claiming Halloween as their right to party, that I wonder if this is about the kids anymore? I mean, so many people are going out to parties tonight – will there be anyone home to hand out candy to the trick or treaters?

I am dressing up and going out – but I am staying home to hand out candy until after 9:00. I think there will be at least 40 or 50 kids coming to my house this year. But 9:00 is late for little kids, so that’s when I’m cutting out the porch light and stopping the giveaways. Then I will head downtown and find some of my friends at a club and have some adult fun, too.