Would this be good for a teenager?

When Shawna told me that her teenage son Justin was interested in learning how to compose and mix his own music, using his computer, I was quite surprised! I had no idea that there would be any kind of software available for a regular computer that would allow a beginner to do things like that.

Shawna told me that Justin was telling her that he might like to learn more about the sony acid music studio software, and see if that would be a good idea to get. I was trying to help out by finding some reviews on the product, but so far I haven’t seen any. So, if any of my readers out there have tried this, I’d like to know what you think – would this be a good program to buy for a teenager that is just starting out?

All the little parts that you need

My sister recently got interested in going to a karaoke bar every week with some friends. Her husband decided to buy her a little karaoke machine to use at home. She was hoping to get a wireless microphone to use with the machine.

The microphone that came with the machine has a cord, and she likes to dance while she is singing. She finds herself almost tripping over the cord when she is dancing. The problem seems to be that she doesn’t know all of the different parts that she will need for the wireless microphone to work.

I am trying to help her find out, and have been trying to understand if the wireless microphones we have been finding have their own amplifier or not, and what she would be able to use for speakers. Can she use her current karaoke machine at all for any of that? Or her TV set? We are feeling pretty stupid right about now!

I love buying wholesale

Whenever I get the chance to buy something at a wholesale price, I jump at it. Assuming, of course, that I actually NEED the product! I am a member of two wholesale clubs – Costco, and BJ’s. I love shopping there – I get a lot of good quality items at a low price, if I play my cards right. You have to be careful, though, and really know your prices if you want to save money! My old printer has started to act a little funny lately, and I’ve started to shop around for wholesale printers, to see what I might want to get as a replacement when this old one gasps its last breath. I don’t want to be rushing it to the junk-yard, mind you, I hope it runs for many years to come. But, a gal’s gotta be prepared, you know what I mean?

I love the new silent instruments

Back when I was in school, taking band, there was no such thing as a silent electric instrument of any kind. At least, not that I’m aware of! When a kid decided to learn how to play an instrument, everyone in the house got to listen the that kid practice, whether they wanted to hear it or not! I was really pleasantly surprised recently when I learned that almost any and every instrument ever made now seems to have a silent version – like the silent electric yamaha violin at WWBW that I found online a few minutes ago. I think that it’s fantastic that now people can learn how to play an instrument without driving everyone in the house crazy!

Sometimes I just want to scream

Don’t get me wrong, I love Alicia, I really do. But when we get together, all she can talk about is herself! She doesn’t even ASK me how I am, or how my family is! She talks about her work, her vacations, her new real estate checklist template app that she downloaded on her cell phone, and even how she is switching brands of pet food because her vet told her that the brand she was using wasn’t as good as the one he sells there at his office.

Sometimes I just want to scream “will you please be quiet for just one minute?” when I am around her, but I don’t want to hurt her feelings. Sometimes I wonder if she is simply afraid of silence. I enjoy companionship, but I also enjoy silence from time to time.

Dog training

I am not sure how everyone else trains their dogs, but I found some dog training collars reviews for those who are thinking of using them. I like to research everything before I try one or another. The collars worked very well on my larger breed dogs and they took very well to the them and the training. I haven’t had any problems with them ever since then. Read through the information and decide for yourself.