Little girl games

My niece has been staying with me for a few days, because we had some major storms and a tornado pass through. I have power now, but it was out for sometime. My sister doesn’t have power yet, as a tree landed across the power lines by their home. It’s kind of strange having a young one around the house again, and to be honest, I didn’t really know how to entertain her. We exhausted the dressing up in my clothes game, so I gave her my laptop to use. Heck, she can use the computer better than I can…which isn’t really saying much since I’m not that great at it. LOL! She showed me this site link that I guess all the girls her age are using.

I guess girl games are what she and her friends are into now. It’s pretty cool for younger girls. Lots to do on the site and of course I had to participate in what she was doing on the laptop.

I can’t say that I was thrilled about the kissing games on the site though. Seems to me that young people are growing up too fast and 8 year old’s don’t need to learn kissing at that age, but then of course, it seems harmless enough as long as she doesn’t get all boy crazy while she is here. I’ll have to make a mental note to ask my sister to keep an eye on my niece. She’s already a little knock out, but doesn’t need to grow up quite so fast.

Muddy floors.

Okay, after a week of rain with no respite in sight, I’m really tired of cleaning up muddy floors. I have a big HUGH welcome mat outside the door. And on the inside in the foyer, I have a big wipe your feet rug, along with a basket of soft footie socks for people to put on if they want them. All sizes. All I ask is, take the damn shoes off at the door. I even have a nice wooden and painted sign that asks nicely to do so. Do people do this? Very few. So…I’m sort of on the verge of not answering my door anymore. Or at least until some people get the hint. Okay…rant is over. For now. 😉

Sooo much happening.

This is the time of year that I dread, but also it’s bittersweet. With a lot of my nieces and nephews graduating, plus my friends getting married. I keep telling myself to just send money and get out of Dodge. Wonder if that would work?

Have to love a geek!

My little brother has been teaching me about web hosting and to be honest, at first I thought it would be boring but it isn’t at all. Actually it’s pretty interesting and quite helpful. Or will be for my on the side job I’ve been thinking about doing. I make all kinds of crafts and love to do this in my spare time. Everyone said I should sell the things that I make. Perhaps I should.

I don’t have the time or the money to do this on my own and my geeky kid brother has been telling me and showing me how easy it is to have someone else do this for me. There are a bunch of web hosting types available and from what I have learned so far, it’s pretty simple with a little bit of help to pick one that suits your needs. Plus the people work with you and so it’s virtually a no brainer…at least for me.

He showed me Green Hosting that is inexpensive, covers exactly what I would need for a small business and get what I pay for. Like I said, all this is really interesting also. I never thought I would be into something like this, but I need the extra money, as everyone does in these terrible economic times. I’m willing to try this and see what happens.

End of the world?

I highly doubt it, but people are really going a bit nuts about this. Okay, a bit is rather an understatement. It’s crazy. I woke up this morning and turned on the news while I was drinking my coffee and all the channels kept giving news coverage on the Rapture. To be honest, I stopped watching a lot of news quite some time ago, because it depresses the living he** out of me. No pun intended nor would I ever get snip about stuff like that, since I am a believer in God, Angels and Saints. Still…come on people. NO ONE can predict when the end is going to come. Not down to the very last minute like it’s being said. Pardon me for being skeptical, but I am! I’m going to 4:30 mass like I usually do on Saturdays, and then come home, grab a glass of wine and my only cigarette of the day, kick back and watch the world go by. (Pun intended here) I figure when the Big Guy wants us, then it’ll be on HIS time. Not on someone else’s predictions.

An addiction

I don’t eat sweets very often. In fact hardly ever, but my downfall is good chocolate. I love chocolate. My brother is in the service and travels all over Europe. Everywhere he goes, he will scout out really great chocolate and send it to me. It’s to die for.

I remember as a kid, the man who lived down the road was a traveling candy salesman and he would give my brothers and sister and I samples. My very most favorite chocolate was what was called, Ice Cubes. Even today, if I could find it, I would by cases just because I think by now it’s obsolete. This chocolate would melt in your mouth. Creamy, and just…awesome.

I’m constantly on the look out for great chocolate here in the States also. I keep in in case I need comfort food. Or because I lost a few pounds and feel like I can indulge and not fret about it. So bring on the chocolate. Everyone needs a good dose of it!

Going to take it easy!

This week has been so hectic and wild. So much to do and so little time, that it seems I didn’t stop for a breather once and I indeed missed out on some much needed sleep. This evening I think I’m going to make a light supper, read a book that a fellow blog pal has recommended and just take it easy. As for the rest of the weekend, I do have to run a few errands but it won’t be at a hectic pace. My body is telling me I need to take a break for a bit. Even if it is only for a day or two. I have to admit I’ve been a touch snippy at people and this isn’t good. So, the plan is to just kick back.

Spring as sprung?

Try telling the weather that, but last evening I was sitting in my office here at home, and the way my house is set up, I can see from my office into the living room and look out the front door and widows. I have lace curtains with tie backs on them, so indeed I can see straight out side. It hit me that my tree has all it’s leaves on it and looks like a green canopy. Of course most people have already realized that winter is over, but it hit me that I wasn’t looking at just tree branches. I know this sounds sort of strange, but the realization of the fact that perhaps now it really might get warm here, really hit me. I’ve also noticed that I have been too busy to notice little things and I need to take the time and a breather to appreciate it all.

Music and Videos

I’m a great fan of You Tube. I love to find the music I haven’t heard in a long time and watch the videos that remind me of the concerts I used to go to. Lately my geeky little brother has been telling me about video converter software. Now, I have no clue what he is talking about, but he indeed does and if he says I would love this, I no doubt would.

I’m told by my little Geek that he could do You Tube to video converter and I can watch and listen to what I want to all the time, instead of having to keep going back and typing in what I want and then finding it and clicking. I guess from what he says, it saves lots of time and is a pretty cool thing. Me of course, as stated in previous posts and totally ignorant about all this tech stuff.

The great thing, is he can download free You Tube downloader and wella…it would be done and he said it was really easy. When I hear the word, “free” that is always a good thing too! So I’m going to trust my little brother and see what he’s going to do to my faithful computer so I have my videos and music. This should be rather interesting. I might even learn a thing or two about being a geek myself. Okay…that is pushing it, but one never knows!

A dear friend passed away

I got a call this morning, and didn’t make it to the phone in time so my answering machine picked up. As soon as I heard my friend Anne’s voice on the machine, I had a feeling of dread. Just by the tone of her voice. She told me her new cell number and asked that I call her back as she had bad news and didn’t want to put it on my machine. I called her back right away and she told me that my friend Mick died. The particulars aren’t known as of yet, but he is a musician and always shows up for his gigs. Tuesday night he didn’t show up, and his brothers got worried. They found him at his home. There will be more info to come, but I am going to miss my friend a lot. He was a great guy…always had a smile, a joke and a tune for me.  Rest In Peace Mick. You will be missed terribly.