Lunch with Sherri

This morning I got a nice surprise phone call from my friend, Sherri. She wanted to know if I could get away for lunch. Of course I said yes!

We met at Famous Dave’s Barbecue and had a great visit. We have been friends for a very long time but lately we have neglected to get together for quality face time. Sending jokes via email is not enough to keep a good friendship going!

Sherri got rid of her glasses since I last saw her and is using contact lenses again. I think she looks great without the glasses and one of these days I might do the same thing. Sherri says that the cost of contacts is so low now that it is actually cheaper than paying for new eyeglasses!

Beautiful Sunday

Finally! A weekend with decent weather. This was the first Sunday with weather that let us get outside and enjoy ourselves without it being too hot or ruined by late afternoon thunderstorms. This summer has been unbelievably hot. Although it did get close to 90 degrees again today, with the clouds blocking the sun and a little breeze, it did not seem so hot.

We took advantage and went outside as much as possible. We even took a drive over to the lake and fed some ducks and geese a few pieces of stale bread that we had brought with us.

Tick Follow Up

The place on my back where the tick bit me is still red and swollen. What is totally weird is that it must have bit me in two other places before crawling over to the spot where i found it and pulled it off. I have these large red bumps on me that itch like crazy. But, no fever and no other symptoms. So i have been putting rubbing alcohol on them and I took a couple days of antibiotics – to be on the safe side.

So I am OK and much more vigilant about checking my dogs and myself each night for ticks.


Tonight I came in from mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes in front of the house and took a shower. I was rudely surprised to find a blood sucking tick on my back, just above my jeans belt. I was able to reach it and douse it with alcohol, then pulled it off. The whole area where that little bastard had latched onto me is red and swollen. I’m glad I found it right away and got it off of me. But I am worried that I might have some type of infection at the bite site. Guess I have to see if it gets any worse and then maybe go to the doctor for some meds.

You can find your health insurance online

For my dear friends in North Carolina, I wanted to let you know that if you are still desperately looking for health insurance coverage, my good friend Julie found insurance here that took care of her needs. You don’t have to spend much more time looking around and asking all of your friends and family what to do. Thank goodness for the Internet – it certainly is making a lot of things in life a lot easier to accomplish!

Monday Blues

Although I admit I stayed up too late last night and didn’t get much sleep, I am having a bad case of the Blues today. Never have been a big fan of Mondays, and the alarm clock was not my friend this morning when it jarred me awake. It was still dark outside when I got dressed and left the house, and the day is so overcast and grey that I don’t think the sun is going to come out today at all. So it is a dark and gloomy day, a boring day at work doing inventory, and I’m just not a perky girl today.

Whats for Dinner

Seem like in the winter time I am craving beef. I want pot roasts, chili, steaks, swiss steak, beef stew. It all sounds very comforting and the taste is so much more satisfying in the cold weather and shorter days than the fish and chicken that is featured on my dinner menus during the summer. There used to be a commercial narrated by a deep, Texas drawl that says, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.” That is so true for me this week!

Baby Shower

My girlfriend Jenny, is expecting a baby next month. She knows she will be having a baby girl. I think it is pretty much standard in maternity care to find out the baby’s gender about 4 months along.

Some of the girls from work want to have a baby shower for her. I was going to buy a gift for her anyway, so if we are going to have a baby shower, I guess I need to get busy and buy that gift for her.

Another Hot and Humid One

In a strange way I feel like I wasted a precious Saturday by not doing anything active. It was so awfully hot and humid that I just couldn’t bear to go outside any longer than needed to walk my dogs three times.

I walk them 3 times a day regardless of the weather. They need the outside for exercise and bladder relief. I need it for a chance to clear my head and build character.

It has been in the upper 90’s and low 100’s for a week. It was a good day to stay indoors and catch up with a little housework and some internet surfing.

Found some awesome photo blogs and links from them to others that were awesome, too. Several of them use a Nikon D300 camera for their work. I’m going to look into getting one – I’m so jealous.

It was a good day, although not very productive.

Not Yo Mama’s Strollers

Folks, having a baby is expensive. We all know that. Not just the birthing part – but the cost of all the gear and clothing and supplies you need adds up really fast. Plus, the little rascals outgrow all those clothes really fast.

I wanted to buy a stroller for my friend, Jenny’s, baby shower next month. I thought that I might find something nice for about $40 or $50. So I started shopping on Ebay to see if there were any good deals or if shipping would make that impractical. Holy smokes! The strollers on Ebay are running $250 – $400 dollars!!!

For those of us not plugged into the baby scene, the idea of buying a stroller to push your kid around the park or mall has become buying a “Travel System.” These systems have car seats, permanent anchor bases for the car and convertible stroller frames with deep recessed cup holders, a cargo basket, removable washable covers and pads, front wheel shocks and all kinds of engineered mechanics for easy collapsing and assembly.

I’m suffering from sticker shock and making sure to refill my birth control pills for another 3- 5 year supply.