Tastes so good

I tried a new recipe last night that was just amazing. There are these new packages of spices, that you mix with a little olive oil and then dredge either potatoes or chicken, etc in them. Then you bake them in the oven and they are awesome. Last night I used some on boneless chicken breasts that my friends absolutely loved. I am definitely going to use these again, as well as try the other flavors too.


I am starving. I think I will make myself a big breakfast this morning. I have some hashbrowns, eggs and sausage that are calling my name. I think some juice to go with it, will be just the thing. Most days I just have coffee and skip breakfast. I know that is not exactly the best thing to do, but usually I can’t seem to bring myself to eat this early. I wan to change that. After all, they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Work has been so slow lately. As an independant contractor that is not a good thing. The bills are piling up and to make matters worse, I haven’t gotten paid for some work I did back in May. It is only fourty dollars, but that would out gas in my car for a week. I hope things get better soon.


In honor

Today we remember those who died in that aweful tragedy. We hope that the world can one day know peace, and prosperity for all. I personally think that we need to come together as one people, no matter where we are from or what we believe. After all, we must share this wonderful planet.

Light and Love

Such a beautiful sentiment. I really think that people would be much happier if they just thought along these lines. A positive attitude is much better than a negative one. Life seems to go along much easier if you are determined to be happy.

I try to keep this in mind all the time but it isn’t always easy. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day and enjoy the picture.