Happy Birthday Donna

A good friend of mine is celebrating her birthday today. She doesn’t usually make a big deal about it, but I found out last year and made a note on my calendar so I wouldn’t forget. It’s not a big “0” year, but it’s her special day. So, Happy Birthday, Donna! I hope you have a wonderful day!

The Beatles 50th Anniversary

Did you watch the TV special tribute to the Beatles on television tonight? I had forgotten it was going to be on, and tuned in about thirty minutes after it had started. I enjoyed the show immensely, but I was very annoyed about how often the camera showed the woman that had broken up the Beatles. I dislike her so much I won’t even write her name in my blog! I thought she acted like she was not sober, and made a spectacle of herself. I was really angry every time the camera showed her. Her presence there ruined the entire experience for me. I felt that she should not even had been in the audience at all.