Savings with online shopping

I had been trying to find a online site that had inexpensive deals with quality items and of course always read the reviews about the company’s, so I started reading the Nomorerack reviews, on a site I had been recommended. Great reviews and awesome sales, deals and prices! I personally haven’t bought anything yet, but indeed know a few friends who are members and have. There are no complaints what so ever with the products they have gotten. The savings also are incredible as being a member saves quite a bit of money and there are advantages.

I like sites that have reviews from real people like my, who sometimes are very leery about shopping online. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought items and various gifts online before, and they were really good deals, good service and fast shipping. But these reviews are from blogs from people who have used the site, and have blogged about them. I often am worried about scams and I found from quite a few peoples writings and reviews that this isn’t a Nomorerack scam. This makes trusting and buying from this company easier.

I personally would totally trust becoming a member like a friend is, and shopping on this site.


A weekend vacation

I’ve decided to pack up for the weekend, get in the car, and just drive to see where it takes me. I love to visit little towns and sight see. I really don’t have any destination in mind.

Maybe I’ll find a great antique shop, or a nice little bed and breakfast. I know though, that I just need a break from work and home renovation.

It will be nice to get away, and see where I end up. I’ll check in with my family, of course. I know they worry. I do too when they go on vacations or I’m not in contact with them at least once a day.

Paint samples

Has anyone ever noticed that paint samples don’t look like they do under the florescent lights in the store as they do when you bring an armload full to hold up to the walls you want to paint? I want to paint the spare bedroom that I’ve been working on, and have no idea what color to paint it yet. Nothing has caught my eye.

I did go to some stores that have tiny cans of paint they call samples. I grabbed some of those not realized they are not samples…one has to pay for them. At least in all except one store I went to. And the paint isn’t enough to try various places on the walls where the light changes.

I once painted my dining room walls, what looked like a light rose color, but in one corner my Mom actually told me it looked, “pancreas pink”. Yep, those were her words. I ended up getting a natural neutral color and sponge painted the whole room to break up the ugly pink color in the one corner. Ever since, I found when my Mom said that,  I now I have sort of a complex about what colors I choose. LOL! I’m still looking though. One indeed will catch my eye, and not look the color of an internal body part. (Hopefully).

Had to rent a car

I got side swiped yesterday while on my way to an opening of my friend’s new business. I was upset at first, but then the person who hit me, was so nice and also upset, that I realized she really didn’t mean to do it, of course. She told me she had a blind spot, which because of her old vehicle and the fact that the weather was really nasty, it’s understandable.

We exchanged information and bless her heart, she even offered to take me to where I was going and wait then take me home. She was an older woman and I could tell she really didn’t have the money for gas or to lose work, so I just drove…more like limped…my car to my car service business and the guy there took me to rent a car.

It was no big deal to me, because I experienced human kindness and actual caring from this woman. It’s rare these days. My service man told me my car will be ready in only two days. I can live with that. I wish there were more people like the woman who accidentally hit me, in this world.

Stunning wallpaper

I’m about ready to buy and put up the new wall paper I saw yesterday. It’s beautiful and would be perfect for my spare bedroom. I’ve been doing a lot of improvements lately because I’ve been kicking around the idea of selling the house and moving someplace warm.

When I was shopping at a warehouse in town for carpet actually. That and a new area rug. The place also has roll upon roll of wallpaper that is actually inexpensive but high quality. I found an awesome print. I wish I could have taken a photograph of it, but had forgotten to put my telephone on the charger. The way I figure it, home improvement will indeed up the value of the house, so that is going to be  helpful if and when I decide to sell, so I can’t go wrong on spending the extra dollars on improvement.

By knowing how to do most of the remodeling and improvement, I am also saving lots of money by not hiring someone to do these projects. This is a definite plus.

New tile for the guest bathroom

My youngest sister has come to stay with me for a few days so we can get started on another project for more home improvement here at my house. I have been planning on putting new tile in my spare or guest bathroom for a year now, and the time has come.

I need something durable, since when my nephews are here, they use that bathroom, and I have to say that even though they are great kids…well…they are boys. They really don’t pay much attention to decor and tidiness.

My sister and I have gone to home renovation stores and on line to learn as much as we can about laying down tile, and installing new lights, towel bars, and also a vanity. This should be rather interesting to see how it is going to turn out If it doesn’t work out like we want it to, at least we can say we tried, while calling a professional.

The long weekend

With the long weekend upon us and kids not having school Monday, on account of it being Martin Luther Kings day, my nephews keep calling me to beg me to stay over.

Just when I am finally getting so many projects finished around here and my house is so neat and tidy looking. What is an Aunt to do?

I’ve told them they could come and stay on one condition, that actually my Mom used to do, and that is to make a job jar. The boys totally agreed. I cut strips of paper and on each one, wrote a small chore for them to do for me. Easy stuff, that I really have finished already, but at least it will make them feel included in my projects, instead of me having to entertain them, since I’m pretty busy with the house and spare rooms still.

Another weekend of organizing

It seems I’ve been on a roll when it comes to getting things around my home done. Lots of projects that needed to be done are finished, and if I may say so myself, I’m kind of proud of them.

Last night I started in on the spare bedrooms. I do believe I’m sort of a cleanly hoarder. Everything I have found, bought and stored are in the one little spare room. It’s boxed and neatly stacked, but I really don’t need half of the items.

I figure it’s time to donate lots of thing. I’ve even got separate boxes for things I’m giving to friends who in the past, have admired them.


Cleaning and organizing

Taking this weekend to clean out closest and organize cupboards is turning out to be a bigger task than I had anticipated. I think I’m going to have to go to the stores and find a way to keep things neater and more organized.

Saving more space is my goal. I’ve seen a lot of space saving ideas online, so I might do what I call, “finger shopping” if I can’t find what I’m looking for at the stores.

After the closets and cupboards, come some home improvements that need to have been done quite some time ago. I’m pretty handy with things like that, thanks to my Grandpa and Father teaching me, so I’ll start that once I get organized.

Cyber Monday Deals

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

I recently looked into internet providers Hillsboro and decided to get the internet at home. I am glad I did, because it has made my Christmas shopping so much easier. We usually have to make trips back and forth to the nearest big city to get all of our shopping done. I don’t have the energy to make the trip on Black Friday, so since we have the internet now, I decided that I was going to take advantage of all of the Cyber Monday deals. I got a great deal on a Blu-Ray player for my parents. They love to watch movies and I thought that they would love the quality of Blu-Ray. I found my sister a great digital camera. She has recently shown an interest in photography. I got her a starter Nikon digital. On Cyber Monday, I got it for a whole forty percent off. I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas. I think that it is going to be a gift that she really loves. Maybe she will be able to take our family Christmas picture for next year!