Merry Christmas To ALL My Friends and Family

A good friend of mine sent me this card. When I got it I was pleased that she felt comfortable enough with me to send me a card like this instead of a traditional Christmas card. I find it very interesting that the history of Christians celebrating Christmas in December was largely planned around the pagan winter celebrations. I wonder, as time goes on, if our society will become more, or less, tolerant of different spiritual and religious beliefs. The way I’ve seen some things going on lately, it seems that we are becoming less tolerant, which makes me sad, since the country was supposedly founded on a belief in religious freedoms.

Whatever YOUR religious, or spiritual beliefs are, I hope that you have a wonderful time this winter holiday season!

All the little parts that you need

My sister recently got interested in going to a karaoke bar every week with some friends. Her husband decided to buy her a little karaoke machine to use at home. She was hoping to get a wireless microphone to use with the machine.

The microphone that came with the machine has a cord, and she likes to dance while she is singing. She finds herself almost tripping over the cord when she is dancing. The problem seems to be that she doesn’t know all of the different parts that she will need for the wireless microphone to work.

I am trying to help her find out, and have been trying to understand if the wireless microphones we have been finding have their own amplifier or not, and what she would be able to use for speakers. Can she use her current karaoke machine at all for any of that? Or her TV set? We are feeling pretty stupid right about now!