I Like FREE!

I’ve known several people that sign up with various sites that offer all types of Free Stuff, which is something that I’ve never really gotten into. I am an avid coupon user and I take advantage of numerous rebates, which can really add up, and I certainly like the sound of “Freebie” so I’ve looked around a bit and found thefreebiesource dot com which is a really cool site that links you up with other sites that offer Freebies, discounts, samples, promotion codes, coupons and the like and I thought that I would spread the word about this site here today.

I do enjoy finding a good deal or stumbling onto a really good customer service representative (live or on the phone) these days there is a lot to complain about, and rightfully so, so the good things are so much more positive and don’t drain and suck me dry of all thoughts and concentration. I’ve always thought that if we all just did one good deed or be a good Samaritan each day the world would be a much nicer and brighter place for everyone. Telling people where to go to get free stuff is my good deed for the day.

An Orthopedic Surgeon’s Bike

How would you like to see this coming at you in the rear view mirror? What an awesome piece of work this guy has to show for all of his hard work. I just wonder how it rides. Looks like it might be a long stretch to the handle bars unless the owner has some pretty long arms.

ortho bike

ortho bike2

Girls Wallet

My favorite niece will be turning 9 years old next month and I have decided to look around and see what types of girls wallets there are out there that I think she may like to receive as a present. This past year she has started to receive an allowance so I’m thinking that it would be appropriate for her to have a wallet to start keeping it in instead of her piggy bank that she has been putting her money in since she was just a tiny little thing.

It is my thinking that she will be old enough to keep her money in a wallet so that when she goes out shopping she can bring her own wallet, instead of asking her mom or anyone else that may be taking her shopping, to keep it for her. And since she usually receives a good amount of cash for her birthday and then not long after that we will be getting ready with Christmas so that her having a wallet will be right on time. I remember getting my first wallet and how it made me feel to feel more in charge of my own money, too bad I don’t feel more in charge of my money these days!  LOL





The Exchanging of Business Cards

We have all become very dependent on business cards these days. Even stay at home moms and dads are having their information printed on business cards to hand out as a way to exchange information with others. And just about every fast food place has a jar to place your business card in for one type of drawing or another. I’ve never actually won anything but I keep dropping mine in, you never know.

And now you can order your business cards online, for a very low price I must add. You can choose from thousands of graphics and a variety of designs to customize your business cards that are a must these days! Heck you can even make your own and print them off on your own printer at a very affordable cost if done right.

My problem is that I have been given so many various business cards that I have no place to keep them or really organized them and keep track of them. I’m sure not going to keep them all in my wallet and/or purse. I can tell you that! My purse is all ready way too heavy and overflowing, something that is always an issue that really bugs me.

You Can Call Me Aunt Betsy

It looks like I’ll be an aunt some time in Dec, my sister-in-law just announced the news to the family last night, via email of all things. It used to be that announcements such as this took place at a family dinner or functions, but since everyone is so spread out that is a rare occasion in it’s self. At least it wasn’t announced on Face Book or My Space, my mother would really have had a fit!

Since this is going to be her baby, she is going to be in need of a lot of things. Maternity Clothes being top at the list. Being pregnant can be a challenge and during the cold winter months she needs to be warm and comfortable as well. She plans on continuing working so she will be looking for and wearing professional, designer maternity clothes for many months to come.

For now she is looking online for some nice Maternity capris to keep her going until it gets cold out. There hasn’t been any pregnancies in the family for so long that no one has any hand me downs to turn her onto. It’s a good thing that she is a smart shopper and has a good nose for bargains and online is a great place to find bargains these.