My Name & Photo

Well who hasn’t dreamed of seeing their picture and their name in the lights and on a billboard some where. Yep that is yours truly on that billboard. With this new website that I’ve been playing around on it can become a reality. I think that I would have picked a better location, but beggers can’t be too choosy can they. Now how cool is that? I’m having a ball with this and plan on passing the word to some of my friends in my email address book.


Medical Scrubs for Christmas

This year for Christmas I am thinking of purchasing a set of medical scrubs for my sister-in-law that I found online. I have found that these medical scrubs are so very comfortable and they keep you very cool during the hot summer months that have now come to an end for the year of 2011, but before we know it the summer of 2012 will be upon us and we all will be looking for nice looking clothes to wear while trying to keep cool.

My oldest sister suggested these scrubs for me to try out this summer, which I did and I couldn’t have been happier with the ones that I found and ordered online from Blue Sky Scrubs and I’d like to pass along the good things that I have found to others that I care about. So with Christmas looming ahead I am trying to pick up gift suggestions as well as the actually gifts along the way before the mad rush starts due to all of the holidays that are fast approaching us. Anything that I can find and buy online is the way to go for me, I hate going out to the malls and all the other retail stores scattered around town. It is kind of a Bah Humbug thing for me the older I get.

Searching For Disney DVD Movies

My daughter has asked me to keep my eyes open for any of the hundreds of Disney dvd movies for my granddaughter who is getting old enough to sit down and watch most of a movie. Note that I said most. What I really want to do is take my 20 month old granddaughter to see The Lion King at the movie theater that has been out a couple of weeks no, but every time I offer to take her I get shot down for some reason or another. I’m thinking that she and her finance want to take her to her first real movie experience and are just to shy to tell me so.  I can understand why they would feel that way, new parents always want to do all kinds of things with their kids first before any other family member or friend does, I just wish that they would come out and say so.

Anyway I promised that I will look around to see if I can find any of the requested Disney dvd movies, there are so many of them that I’m sure I can come up with something. Am thinking that if I do find any that I will keep them until December 23rd, which will be her 2nd birthday and for Christmas gifts as well, kill to birds with one stone so to speak.


Indian Summer

I guess we are experiencing what is called “Indian Summer” it has been in the eighties and not getting much cooler in the evenings. I had to turn the air conditioner back on. I hate the thought that winter is looming, sigh…..

I’m Just Not The Trusting Type

From what I understand, the price of gold has gone up tremendously and people are flocking to the companies that are advertising cash for gold. I’m not comfortable in sending my old and unwanted gold jewelry to a company for them to determine how much it is worth through the mail. I don’t trust them and I don’t trust the US Postal Service.

Sweet Tea made the correct way

I was reading a blog authored by a woman, Elena Redmond, that I turn to once in a while and enjoy reading and found was so excited to find the recipe to the correct way to make Sweet Tea, I heard about this recipe on T.V. a few months back but could not remember it to save me soul. So I was certainly tickled to find it today.

To read the blog’s post on this subject, try this site at