Been taking some time looking at Suplay wrestling gear that my son will need in a few weeks when school starts and he gets back into his favorite sport of wrestling. Last year he did pretty well for it being his first time. It surprised me to see that he did so well considering he really isn’t what I would consider the wrestling type, but he seems determined and I will back him all the way as long as he keeps his grades up and doesn’t get seriously hurt in the process.

Cheap Sun Glasses

I went to the Flea Market on Sunday, the rains finally stopped and the sun was shining and the place was packed with vendors and customers as well. There was a dealer selling sun glasses for $12 or two for $20, so I found two pairs that I think look good and walked away a happy camper.

Email Marketing Options

Was reading an interesting blog post about email marketing that my sister sent to me in a link on Facebook. As I have mentioned we are in the process of starting our own small family run and owned business and we are looking at various marketing options. The Yellow Pages are out of the question, it’s all about the Internet these days and those advertising options are a whole new ballpark for us. We have a lot to figure out, but we have plenty of time and aren’t going to rush into anything, baby steps, we want to do this thing right the first time.

Breaking In My New Boots

Today was the perfect riding day. I was so thrilled when my bud Mike called and said he was on his way over on his Harley to take me for a nice long ride up the Blue Ridge Parkway. I got a chance to wear my new Motorcycle Riding Boots for the third time, it will take a few more rides to get them really broke in, but they are nice looking and comfortable, so I’m a happy camper so far with them.

I have needed a nice break on the back of a bike, I’m so thankful for my friends that keep me in mind for rides all year round.

Restaurant Equipment

When I was much younger I entertained the though of becoming a professional cook, owning and running my own small and quaint restaurant or maybe a bed and breakfast even. I still love to cook but have come to realize that a love to cook isn’t the only thing you need to be able to run a successful restaurant these days. But I do find myself at times looking at restaurants with a different eye then the normal customer, and I really love looking at various and interesting restaurant equipment at RapidsWholesale.com, a girl can still dream can’t she?

The Right Tool for The Job

All website owners need an extra informational resource, you know something to help us with optimizing search engines, Online Marketing and web resources. I have found that websiteoffice.com offers me a lot of helpful stuff and even explains to me how to use it all, not the ordinary “we’ll let you download it but you figure it out so deal” This tool has made a lot of my web hosting a lot easier to bear and really less time consuming than going to multiple websites for all the same tools that I’m finding here folks

The Power of Search Engines

You just gotta love how you can go to a search engine, take Google for example, and type in just a few smart keywords such as “commercial litigation lawyers raleigh nc” and come up with some wonderful sites that fit the bill to a tee. I’m not sure if everybody really understands the power of search engines these days on the Internet, but I do know that more and more people are refusing to use the old fashioned paper version of their local residential and commercial phone books such as The Yellow Pages. I know mine go straight into the cardboard recycling bin as soon as I find them on the front porch or in the driveway. Who needs those when you have the power of the Word Wide Web at your finger tips.

Finally Some Hope

Ever since I can remember my uncle has been sickly. It seems that shortly after leaving the Navy, back in the Vietnam era, he has suffered in many ways. He is such a great guy and is married to a wonderful woman, they have no kids but quickly became involved with their nieces and nephews lives and have brought a lot of goodness and kindness to us all throughout the years.  We just love them both to pieces and we just hate to see him suffer so much.

I’m glad to hear that he has finally taken the steps to find a good Mesothelioma Lawyer. My aunt went online and Googled “Mesothelioma Attorney” and she quickly found one in their area and they have an appointment next week to meet with this guy. His specialty is in this Mesothelioma Disease that we are hearing so much about on the television these days. I believe that it takes someone who does specialize in certain areas and knows as much as possible about the subject of his specialty. This is true not only in doctors, but attorneys as well and I’m so glad that my uncle now has someone who will possibly help him in his struggle with this whole mess.

Judge Judy

I don’t know about you, but Judge Judy really gives me the creeps. All of the other day time television court room judges I can handle, but Judge Judy is way over the top. Just the sound of her voice sends shivers down my spine. I can’t imagine every consenting to air my dirty laundry on national TV with her on the bench, no way, no how!

Working Retail

Today was a great day since we finally have had the best barcode scanner installed and it works fantastically, I’m so please to say. Any body who has worked with an old faulty barcode scanner can totally relate to how awful it can make your work day and we have been dealing with this issue for over a month now, so it is long over due. So with our new and improved barcode scanner and the temperature finally getting back to a decent number, this should be a great week!