Nice, but expensive

One of the things that I don’t enjoy about shopping with Chuck is that he likes to window shop a lot more than I enjoy it. I prefer to prepare a list of what I need to buy, go to the store, get in, grab what I need to get, pay for it, and get out again. I don’t enjoy lingering and longing for things that I can’t have. The last time I went shopping with Chuck, he told me that he only needed to buy some new guitar picks, but he ended up spending over an hour “window shopping” at the store, checking out the new shipment of high end acoustic guitars. Yes, they are very nice, but they are also very expensive, and I’d rather not waste my time pining over things that I can’t afford to buy!

April Fools day

April Fools Day or, All Fools Day, is supposed to be (according to some ) the most light- hearted day of the year. To me, it’s kind of scary. In my years, I have had some pretty harmful or frightening April Fools jokes/pranks pulled on me. I know that the family and friends who have done this in the past, did not mean for them to be terrible to me, but they were, none the less.

I can be light-hearted like the next person, but my problem is, I used to believe people when they tell me things sometimes. Especially when they say things with a very straight face and seem to be honest and sincere. I have adopted the, “Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear” attitude. So, have a fun filled and day, people.

Myself, I’m going to go out in the gardens where I’m “safe.”  Hopefully some of my early plants and the weather won’t play any pranks on me!!

Valentines Day, no surprise

As sad as it is to say sometimes, my husband is not and never has been a romantic of any kind. Zip, Nada, Ziltch. In other words, we don’t do Valentines Day. I don’t even think he remembers when our anniversary is, since he’s never said anything after all of these years.

All this has caused me not to even try to make any plans or even attempts at trying to go out of my way with cards and such for him. It’s not really out of my way, but I don’t think it would mean anything. So, instead…I still get Valentines and candy and such for the kids, despite they are nearly all grown. Just something a little special.

When they were small, I’d make cookies and decorate them, and get balloons and have party with cake and Valentines. Now they all have plans it seems and so I just make supper for who ever happens to be home, and call it good enough. I might start volunteering at the school for the 1st and 2nd grade classes. Little kids still really like holidays and I think it might be just what I need to pick up my spirits.

The Guitar

When Sammy told me that he wanted a new Yamaha for Christmas, I thought he was talking about a new motorcycle or an ATV.

I can remember driving past a motorcycle store and seeing the word “Yamaha” prominently displayed on the building. I just about flipped my lid! I started telling him how dangerous motorcycles and ATVs can be, and he started laughing at me!

I was so surprised when he told me that he was talking about a new guitar! What a relief that was!

Cake Decorating for Christmas

Many of my friends are very crafty and love to make homemade gifts to exchange over the holidays. My good friend Lindsay is especially talented with cake decorating. She made a cake shaped like a Christmas tree and then used sugar fondant in different colors to make the ribbons and ruffles that are the icing on this beautiful cake.

The funny thing is that she had just made a gorgeous Christmas tree skirt out of red and green fabric that looks like ruffles, and she used that as inspiration for this cake. The ruffles on the cake look just like the ruffles on her tree skirt made from real fabric. I wish she had taken a picture of the tree skirt so you could see how much they look alike. She is an amazing talent and I admire her homemade creations.

Trendy Jewelry

I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of inexpensive and trendy jewelry. I love things like monogram rings, and flashy necklaces that have your name on it. One of the reasons, I think, that I like customized jewelry with my name or initials on it is because that makes it less likely for one of my friends or relatives to borrow it!

You may think that is a horrible thing to say, and I might actually feel guilty saying it, but, let me explain. Over the years, many of my friends, and relatives, have borrowed things of mine and never returned them. At some point in time, I sometimes ask for the item back, because I want to use it myself. The majority of the time, they have forgotten that they borrowed it from me, and deny having it! This has led to hurt feelings, and damaged relationships beyond repair, which is very sad.

So, now, I try to purchase inexpensive (but trendy) jewelry items to wear “out in public.” That way, when one of my friends or relatives admires it, I will thank them. If they ask me where I got it, and how much it cost, I will boast about what a bargain it was, that it cost less than a certain amount of money, and they usually lose interest in it after that!

You know, thinking about it, I could probably start wearing my “good” jewelry out in public again (it has been about six years) and deploy the same tactic – claiming that it is cheap costume jewelry, even if it isn’t!


One very cool snack food that I adore is popcorn. I have learned over the years that the smell of popcorn at the office is a bad thing, so I don’t do that unless I am working late and no one else is there to smell it. Burnt popcorn is even worse.

Sadly, I just read online that dentists recommend not chewing on ice cubes and not eating popcorn, as they both lead to cracked teeth and expensive dental repairs. Well, pooh – do I take this advice or continue enjoying my occasional bag of popcorn? My next dentist appointment is in March. I think I will ask my dentist when I see him.

What is on your mind?

Have you ever considered writing your own blog, but didn’t think that you would have enough to write about to make it worth anyone’s while? Have you become disillusioned with social media sites like Facebook? Have people on Facebook written nasty comments to you in response to you voicing your thoughts? I know I have been quite upset over the number of people on Facebook that take great delight in “trolling” other people. I really don’t think that was the original intent of a social media platform, do you?

The people at the On My Mind Daily website must have gotten tired of the social media trolling, too. I think that is why they decided to create their website. Their website allows people to vent, or express their thoughts and opinions, without having to sign up for an intrusive Social Media account, and without having to create their own blog. I was looking at their website a few minutes ago, and read a few of the posts that they have on their current home page.

As I was reading the article, I started to think about how many times I have wanted to “sound-off” about something, but did not want to put it on Facebook, or here, on my blog because I did not want to deal with being blacklisted, or trolled. I think I just MIGHT actually contribute an article or two, myself!

Chocolate gift ideas

All of my friends adore chocolate. I’ve been letting my fingers do some shopping online and have seen some great gift ideas. I usually don’t eat sweets or much sugar at all, but every once in a while I get a craving for some chocolate. It’s a craving that usually strikes believe it or not, in the middle of the night. My mom is the same way. She keeps a chocolate bar in the drawer of her night stand and in the middle of the night, will break off a piece and eat it, then go back to bed. In fact, my oldest daughter is the same way. I think we get it from my mom!

Online I found some great gift packs to give my friends and family for Christmas. Usually my mom will always get a box of chocolate covered cherries from all of “us kids” (I have two brothers and three sisters), but she secretly gives most of them away, I found out. But we have been giving her boxes of them since we were young. It’s sort of a tradition. I like them, but only if they have the clear liquid in them, not the white kind.

My youngest daughter always asks for her stocking to be stuffed with chocolate. She loves the dark chocolate, so she’ll be set for sometime. I found a great sale on it and the chocolate mint is my favorite!

Cold and gloomy

Today was one of the gloomiest days I can ever remember in all of my days. It was very cold and cloudy and damp not a very good combination at all. I much more prefer warm and sunny and dry, if I had my choice of weather combinations. It looks like we are in for several days of this cloudy, gloomy stuff before we get back to clear warmer days, let us hope that I can survive the gloom and get back into a better frame of mind with the warmer weather.