Green Beer All Weekend!

We are going to parties and gatherings all weekend for a very long celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this year.

We are responsible drinkers, though. We will take turns drinking and being sober so that we have each other’s back. We would never risk a DUI or an accident because we¬† were drinking. I would take a cab if I had to.

We’ll be out with lots of friends all weekend. I hope you have as much fun celebrating the hollday as we do!



Date Night

Even though we are a couple and have been together for over 2 years, we still have date night. I like to celebrate the end of the work week and wind down on Friday night by going out to dinner and then watching a movie or going to club to listen to music for a few hours.

Tonight we are going to the comedy club and have a few laughs. You don’t want to eat dinner at the comedy club – all they have is burgers and chicken nuggets. I think we’ll probably stop by Appleby’s on the way over and get some decent food before the show.