Dog Days of Summer

They say that the really hot and humid days at the end of July and first part of August are called the “Dog Days.” I think that is because on really hot days, the dogs all just lay out and don’t do much except pant with their tongues. That’s about all I fell like doing today, too. When the temperatures are in the 90’s, there’s no breeze, and the humidity feels like your bathroom after you step out of the shower – those are dog days, in my book.

Happy Birthday Steve-O

A good friend of mine is celebrating his birthday today. He’s getting pretty old, so I’d better not say how many years have gone by.

I remember the first time we met. We were both in line at the downtown Starbucks. This is when it is really cool that Starbucks writes your name on the cup and when your order is ready they call out your name. Well, they called out my name and when I went up to get it, his order was ready and they called out his name. He was already standing right there, and I don’t know why I got so bold, but when I reached for my latte, I looked at him and said, “Hi, Glenn!” and I smiled and turned away. Then, to my surprise, he called out after me, “Hi, Bailey!” And that was our first moment!

Hey, Steve-O – hope you have a blast today and that this year is your best one ever!

Love ya!

Texting Bloopers

Slip of the thumb: Accidentally sending a text message to
the wrong recipient, often with embarrassing results. Been there – done that!

Lonely Town

Just about everyone I know has left town and driven down I-24 to camp out at Bonnaroo until Monday. This year’s Bonnaroo has a ton of fantastic musicians and comedians and promises to be better than Woodstock back in the 60’s could ever hope to be.

I am not fond of large crowds. Especially sweaty, half naked and stoned out of their minds crowds. So I’m not going. Everyone else calls me a fuddy duddy, but I really don’t like that kind of activity. Sure, I love music, but not when I have to stand in big muddy wheat field among 100,000 hippy wannabees. I’ll be here on the internet and playing my iPod loud and I’ll have just as much music to enjoy as they do.

Disposable Vacuums

Wanted to vacuum the house and get all my housework done tonight so I can relax this weekend. But the doggone vacuum won’t turn on. It just clicks and nothing happens. It was just a cheap $80 vacuum from K Mart, but I thought I would get at least a year of use out of it.

I don’t think Glen can do anything with it and I need a vacuum, so I guess that goes on the list of errands and there goes another $80.

Disney University

At the mall I was eating a gyro in the food court and a girl at the table next to me starting to chat me up. She was about my age, maybe a couple years younger. Turns out she is going to Orlando, Florida to work at DisneyWorld and go through the Disney University program. From what she was telling me, this university is very hard to get into and she was very excited that she was selected.

I’ll look into that more when I have some time. It sound like fun but also a valuable learning experience.

New Grill

We decided we want to start grilling outside but didn’t have a grill. So we went shopping and that was really hard. We had to decide between a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Did we want a table top grill or a free standing grill? Did we want stainless steel or cast iron? It was overwhelming. We ended up getting a small tabletop Weber grill for our first grill. If we like it and want to do more, maybe we will upgrade later on this summer. But the Weber looks like it is plenty of grill for just the two of us.

Hurry Up


I can’t understand why Glen is ready to go to work in just about 10 minutes worth of bathroom time and a couple more minutes to gulp down some coffee and cereal. But it takes me almost an hour each day to get ready. I know I am not a morning person, but I just cannot seem to move fast when it comes to my shower, and fixing my hair, and putting on makeup, and finding clothes that look good, and feeding the cat and forget about breakfast! I’ll get something on my drive in to the office!

At the Movies

The movie theatre that is close to our house has changed to showing older releases and only charging $1.50 for a show ticket.If we want to see the newest movies we have to go all the way to the mall.

The lower price is nice, but the popcorn is $6 for a small bucket and the sodas are $4 each. they don’t even sell bottled water, and I don’t like to drink sodas. So I don’t like to buy anything to eat from the theatre because there’s nothing to drink to help wash down all that dry popcorn or sticky candy.

Call Me

I could not find my cell phone today after I got home from work. I was really starting to freak out. I always keep it in a special pouch on my purse and it is not there. It is not inside my pruse anywhere. I checked my ar and cannot find it there, either. When Glen gets home I will have to ask him to call my phone and try to find it if I can hear the ring when he calls. I sure hope he gets here soon – I am freaking!