Fading Summer

August kinda snuck up on me this year. Usually we take a little vacation in July and get out of town. But this year we are having to cut back – like most everybody I know. So we stayed around here all through July and just went to the pool when we needed to take a break.

Watch Uncle Jay

You might like to watch Uncle Jay as he explains the news every Monday. This man sings and uses small words and talks loudly and slowly. He does everything to make the big news sound simple. It’s very funny if you like this kind of silly humor.

I found Uncle Jay on the Chicago Tribune web site. There are links on this site to videos from several weeks back.

Death of Newspapers

It seems that everyone has been taking the daily newspaper for granted. Most of the people in my neighborhood just open their door each morning and find a nice rolled newspaper at the end of their driveway. Its waiting for them to pull off the plastic sleeves that keep them dry and browse the local news while drinking their morning cup of coffee.

Some people who can’t keep up with reading a daily paper just stop by the local convenience store or vending rack when they want to read a newspaper. But for some reason it is getting really hard to find a newspaper in a rack. It’s like all the racks were sucked up into an alien spaceship overnight and carted away. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I don’t have time to read the paper every day and have always counted on being able to buy a paper every once in a while from the racks, especially the Sunday paper. I don’t know how hard I’m going to be willing to search the stores and sidewalks for a newspaper. I can get most of it online anyways.

Can you believe it’s June already?

It’s Monday and it’s also the first day of June.  Where has the last 5 months gone.  Breanna and I were just talking about how fast this year seems to by flying by.  I have heard about the high temperatures here in Arizona but this is my first summer here.  The heat is different here than at home.  I’m told it’s the lack of humidity that keeps it from feeling as hot as it is.  I guess I see for myself soon enough since it’s almost summer now.

I need some safety glasses

My friend that is a cop wears safety glasses instead of just regular sunglasses.  He feels that in his line of work, he has a good change of something getting through a regular pair of sunglasses so it’s safety glasses or nothing for him.  See what happened once is he was with his partner and there was this nut with a shot gun shooting up a house.  They were the ones that were the first responders.  The guy turned the gun on their vehicle and shot.  The driver side glass shattered and a piece of it hit his partners glasses and a piece of his glasses went into his eye.  He ended up losing his eye and his job.  Now he’s stuck on a desk for the rest of his career or until something else comes along.

It’s a shame that happened to his partner because they were as close as brothers which usually happens with partners on the police force like that.  Because of that, my friend always wears safety glasses and the best part of these is they don’t look like safety glasses.  They look like regular sunglasses and stylish ones at that.  The price was great too.  They offer much more than just safety glasses too.  I have to wear them on the job so I’m trusting my eyes to the ones like he gets.

I’m calling ADT Home Security

I couldn’t believe it when my landlord told me that there have been 4 break-ins this past week in 4 houses on these two city blocks that I consider my neighborhood.  This is a good neighborhood too – upscale, nice cars, yards kept mowed and clean.  That’s the last thing I expected to hear from them.

I asked them if they would mind if I called ADT and has them come out to my house.  They asked me what ADT was.  I thought everyone knew them but I guess older people don’t pay much attention to things like that.  I explained that ADT Home Security was the best home security company in the country.  It’s all over the United States.

Not only do they monitor your home 24 hours a day but they do it 7 days a week so you don’t have to worry if your home or not.  You know your home will be protected.  The best part is they’re not expensive like some companies.  The price starts at just $35.99 and that’s not bad for an ADT Alarm system.  The whole system is wireless and very easy to use too.  They were afraid it would be so complicated that they might trip the alarm themselves.  Once I finished talking to them about it, they said they would have the security system put in both of our houses and pay the bill for the monthly monitoring themselves.  They are great people.

I sent Mom a gift card

I talked with Breanna a lot about my mother and my whole family in all reality and she helped me to understand a bit more.  I decided to send my mother a gift card.  I wrote her a note to go with it telling her that I wanted her to use the money on this gift card to do something special for herself like having her nails done or getting a new hairdo.  I wanted her to feel special for a change because my father was the one that kept her down in all reality.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t a good mother, it was that he wanted to control everything and she didn’t have the chance to be herself.  I don’t really want to talk about it anymore.


Mothers Day is Sunday and I have mixed feelings

I read a poem someone wrote about being a Mom and it was really good but the only problem is, it didn’t sound like my mother at all.  My mother was not what you would call a ‘good mother’ but she is my mother.  Without her, I would not be here and for that, I do thank her but do you know how hard it is to find a Mothers Day card for a mother like that?

They really need to have Mothers Day cards that say something along the lines of “I know you think you did your best but maybe you should have tried harder.”  I bet they would sell a bunch of cards like that.  I don’t now.  I can’t find a card that says what I feel so maybe I should just write her a nice little note telling her thank you for having me or something like that.  I do love my mother but I’m not so sure about how I love her.  Does that make any sense to anyone else?

What’s up with this swine flu?

It seems lately that you are hearing more and more about swine flu.  They are starting to call it a pandemic.  What the heck does that mean for us?  Is it something we really need to worry about or what?  I don’t know anyone that has it and as far as this area, I haven’t heard about anyone having it.

When the news uses words like ‘pandemic’, to people like me, that sounds like we should all run to our doctor and get a shot or soemthing to prevent getting it.  I’m not so sure they’re helping people not to panic about it, you know what I mean?  They should speak in simple English and not cause people to panic.  The panic can cause far more than the flu I bet!!  I may be wrong but that’s my opinion.

Needed a plumber………bad!!!

I got up this morning to find that my bathroom was flooded.  I called my landlord and they told me to call a plumber.  I thought they would do that since they know more about stuff like that than I do but they told me to do it.  Well the only thing I knew to do was to look on the Internet for a plumber in this area.  They have a lot more information about plumbers online than they offer in the yellow pages.

Luckily I found a plumber that was in good standings with the Better Business Bureau, gave them a call and they were here in about 20 minutes.  I had them give my landlord the estimate on what it would cost to repair the leak in the pipes under my sink and they had him to go ahead and fix the problem.  Luckily there wasn’t much water damage to the floors since I had put in ceramic tile but I might have to take the dry wall out and replace some of that but I can do that myself now.