Tear It Up In Cow Town

Tyler says he’s getting six horses next weekend and that will fill the new barn. He was so excited and I know his folks are really proud of him for coming home to help.

His dad has been sick but actually responding well to the chemo. He’s already outlived the original prognosis of 6 months to live by over 2 years. So that says a lot for good doctors and catching cancer early. Sounds like chemo really wipes you out, but it’s the only weapon we’ve got against the big “C.”

I think one of the worst things about being stuck on a big ranch in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, is that you don’t meet many girls. He says he hardly ever goes into town to just go drinking and dancing. So maybe my visit will help him with that, because I plan on dragging him out to the clubs for at least a couple of nights. Watch out, Cow Town!

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