New Boots from Cavender’s

It just occurred to me that I have not ridden a horse since before college. When I go out to Fort Worth to see Tyler and his family I know that riding will be involved. Horses are his life and I need to get up to speed. You don’t just jump up on a horse’s back and ride off across the plains. You have to work your way up to it.

I don’t even have a decent pair of cowboy boots. I have a pair of dress boots, but I need a pair of real, working boots to take out there. Ideally I can find a pair on the internet and wear them around the house for a couple weeks to break them in. Worst case, I’ll have to buy a pair in Texas.

Either way, I’ll probably be shopping for the boots at Cavender’s Boot City. Last time I was in Houston I stopped at a Cavender’s and bought my Charlie One Horse hat. I love that hat, and the girls go wild when I wear it. No brag – just being honest.

Cavender’s has everything for riding and western wear. They have jeans, cowgirl boots, hats, and even the big belt buckles that caught Craig Ferguson’s attention.

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