Stop that check!!

I found it very interesting to read about how the country of Great Britain is considering stopping the use of checks. It seems that boards of bankers think they are too expensive to clear and they favor cheaper ways of paying bills. They have set a preliminary date of 2018 for the complete stoppage of check clearing. There are some who are concerned though.

The elderly people tend to write more checks than any other age group. They are not always computer savvy and are set in their ways. Some businesses also want to continue their customer’s use of checks. Whatever happens, I am sure that sooner or later, the checks will be stopped.

Deciding on Marshall Amps

The Marshall Amps that I have been looking at lately online are now being offered at a much cheaper price then they were a couple of weeks ago. I have always been told that “good things come to those who wait” and maybe this would be considered one of those times. With the holidays just barely right around the corner, prices will be fluctuating and it will just all become a real challenge when life becomes so demanding with the arrival of the cold weather. Not something I am looking forward to at all.

We were robbed of our normal summer weather and I hear that this will be one heck of a winter season, one that folks won’t forget any time soon.

After Dinner Chillaxing

Last Sunday’s family dinner was so good – my mom and sisters out did themselves this year! I know that I ate too much, but I couldn’t stop. I should have skipped dessert, but evidently I have no willpower when it comes to coconut cake. Besides, everyone else stayed seated at the table and kept eating, too. It would have been rude to get up and leave the table.

After dinner the guys went into my dad’s “man cave” and watched some TV. Dad has satellite and gets so any channels he never misses anything important. For only about $40 a month, he gets just about everything out there, including 61 HD channels. Since we all pitched in and bought him a flat screen HD TV at Christmas last year, getting all those HD channels from his Satellite TV is a really sweet feature.

This gave me a great idea for his birthday present this summer. I think we should pitch in and buy him the NFL special package on Direct TV called, The Sunday Ticket. This is only available on Direct TV and it gives you ALL he NFL games, with no restrictions like blackouts, and they are all in HD. Once you watch an NFL game in HD and see how much more detail there is, you can never go back to regular TV and enjoy the game as much. Trust me on this!

They make it easy!

One of the best things that has happened over the last few years is the growing prevalence of the gift card! These cards come in handy when a gift is required, but you don’t really want to spend a lot of time figuring out what to get someone. All you have to do is come close to a general category that you think the person will like.

I really like to give out gift cards from the most popular restaurants. I know that no matter what, people have to eat. I have always had good success with these cards and plan to make my life a lot simpler by giving them out!

French Fried

It seems that the country of France is looking for ways to save money on its public finances. They have a very large deficit and are planning ways to combat the red ink. One thing they are doing is raising their retirement age from 60 to 62. They hope to save a lot of money by doing this.

Of course, there are many people who are not happy with the decision. But, many believe it is the only responsible thing to do in light of the deficit. The plan will be implemented over a number of years and has some loopholes for those who need it. I think France is doing the right thing by keeping their deficit in check!

Protect yourself

Being as that the economic times are so uncertain, I decided to look into ways to ensure my economic prosperity. After doing some research, I decided that I needed to purchase gold. There are many benefits for doing so and I will explain some of them to you. For example, if you purchase gold coins, you can rest easy at night knowing that you have made a safe investment.

It seems that gold usually goes up in value whenever the world’s economic scene goes bad. If there is a disaster or a war, gold’s value tends to go up. This makes it an excellent investment. When you purchase gold coin, you put your money into an investment that is safe. You can always have access to your money and you become free to withdraw your money at any time.

One of the best things to do is to purchase gold bullion. An investment like this has a proven track record of going up in value. I wish I had done so many years ago as I would be very well off by now. When you purchase bullion, you are telling the ones you love that you care. I am sure that no one would argue that is a bad thing. I hope you will be able to look into the matter further when you get a chance.

Text Me

It seems that the craze of texting has reached new heights. According to a study by the Pew Internet and American Life project, texting is now the most popular form of communication for teens. Girls lead the way with an average of 80 texts a day. Teens find that they can no longer live without their phones.

Teens favor texting as it can be done almost anywhere. They also enjoy the fact that messages are almost instantaneous. Many teens even sleep next to their phones. I guess this shows the differences between now and when I was growing up. I think technology is great, but we still need to keep an eye on what’s going on with our kids!

Fish Galore!

There was some good news for some American fisherman today when a group of experts announced that there were plenty of fish for everyone. Due to the new management systems that were put in place, fish stocks have risen and many species can withstand being caught in good numbers.

Overfishing is still a major problem for the rest of the world. Whether its whales or tuna, some species are in danger of being wiped out. Many countries rely on fish as a major food source and it would be nice if everyone could agree to limits that are acceptable as well as sustainable.

Safe and sound

One thing I love more than anything else in this world is my daughter. She is the light of my life and I would do anything for her. I also like to take steps to protect her from harm. One way I do this is to ensure that when she is online, she only visits sites that are good for her. When she wanted to play online games, I thought I would check out what she was playing before I let her do so.

I checked out a number of games sites that were online. There are thousands of online games to play and I wanted to be sure she only played good clean ones. That’s why I was happy when I found a site called They have a number of games to choose from that are just plain old-fashioned fun.

I like the fact that my baby can stay at home and still have a lot of fun. It’s good to know that she is safe upstairs in her room playing online games. Sometimes she brings her friends over and they play together. I think that builds character and helps her socialize. The world is a better place because of my daughter. I am glad to help ensure that she is safe and sound.

Happy 4th of July!!

Well, another year has rolled around and in a few days it will be time again to celebrate the 4th of July. This has always been one of my favorite holidays as I love to see the fireworks go off and explode in the sky! It’s also a great day to cookout and spend time with the family.

This year we plan to go watch the big fireworks display given at a local park. My only worry is that traffic will be bad and parking is always a problem. I hope we can find a good spot not to far away from the park. Anyway, I am sure we will have a good time as usual. I hope everyone else has a great time as well and remember to be safe!