Autism Awareness

Thankfully I am not personally affected by Autism. But the number is diagnosed cases keeps growing. How long will it take before someone you know has to deal wtih this ? We need to find why it is happening and find a cure!

There are so many children that have some level of autism now. This is an epidemic with no know cause or cure. How many children and their families have to suffer from this? What if this has been preventable all along, but no one knew?

There are some ways to help these children, but the schools are not really prepared for these kinds of challenges. We can do better as a society and I hope to be a part of the changes for everyone’s benefit.

Tuesday is TV Night

Funny how the TV programming changes from year to year. As a kid, my favorite night was Sunday. A long time ago my favorite night of the week for watching TV was on Thursdays. All the good shows were on Thursday nights, back to back. But now they have changed things around and my favorite night is Tuesday. I especailly like the Sons of Anarchy show that is on the FX channel on Tuesday nights!


This afternoon I was craving a PBJ. I have a nice fresh loaf of Wonder Bread that was just crying for me to add some peanut butter and jelly to the slices. I used Jiff crunchy peanut butter and Smuckers grape jelly. OMG! It was delicious!


We got the idea that joining a bowling league might be fun and a little more exercise. So we went down to the bowling alley and asked about joining a league. Can you believe that the leagues are all full and they aren’t taking anyone else? They offered to let us sign up as a substitute, but that isn’t what I wanted to do.

Dog Days of Summer

It’s hot now. The temperatures have gone up into the 90’s. Hopefully it won’t get over 100. That’s just too hot!


Shopping is not my favorite activity. Especially if I have to buy clothes for myself. I don’t mind buying clothes for guys – and I’m really good at dressing guys well. But shopping for women is frustrating finding the right fit, the right color, the right price.

One thing I don’t mind shopping for is shoes. When I find out a shoe store is have a BOGO – I’m there! A girl cannot have too many shoes.

She Got It

Good news! Julie got the new job and they asked her to start right away. Of course she said, yes! She came over to tell me the good news this afternoon when I got home from work.

The department store scheduled her for two days of orientation on Saturday and Sunday. Then she starts actually working a regular shift on Monday. I don’t know what kind of schedule they will give her, but I hope it is “family friendly” so she can find day care and be home at nights. She has a darling little boy to take care of, and I know that finding child care for a night shift is very hard. Let’s hope it works out good for both of them.

Job Opp Calling

Julie found a bunch of job opportunities in the Sunday newspaper. This morning I got a call on my phone for her about a job she applied for, just as I was about to leave for work. I was so excited!

I ran across the parking lot to her building and banged on the door to wake her up and get her to take the call. It was a big department store needing a full time clerk.

Julie talked to the lady for a few minutes and was able to make an appointment for an interview on Tuesday. I sure hopes she does well in the interview and gets this job. Even if it is just minimum wage or part time, she needs the money and it can tide her over until she finds a better one.

We All Need a Phone

My friend Julie had her cell phone cut off because she is out of work and can’t pay the monthly bill.

Now when she applies for new jobs she has no way for the employer to get in touch with her for an interview. This is not only inconvenient, but it makes her look bad to prospective employers. I told her it was OK to give out my phone number for them to call.

I hope that helps her find a job soon. All her other bills are coming due, including the rent. I can’t help her with those but at least I can let her borrow my phone if she needs it.

Another Job Lost

One of my neighbors just lost her job and is desperate for a paycheck.

She filed for unemployment and has applied for all kinds of jobs, from fast food to grocery clerk to receptionist. I don’t know why she can’t find a job other than the economy is bad and there must be lots of competition for entry level and part time jobs.

Julie is young, energetic and smart. Employers are missing out on a good worker if they don’t give her a chance to interview and work for them.

I don’t know how Julie will be able to pay her rent and take care of her little boy if she doesn’t start earning a paycheck again soon. She has no money saved up and no family to help her out. This is a serious problem for her family and I’m worried for her sake and that of her little boy.