They Saved Those Miners!

The miners in Chile who have been trapped are finally free! There were a lot of very expensive rescue efforts thrown together using technology and resources from all over the world. Thankfully, they found a way to get all those men out of the ground. It’s a great day for them and their families!

Party Hearty

October is a great month for things to do. There are great concerts, football games, hockey games and lots of fall festivals happening all over the place. It gets crazy trying to decide which ones you can do!

The Wine Store

Last year I enjoyed a nice wine at Olive Garden. I asked what the wine was and they told me, so I went to the liquor store near my house and they did not have it. I bought something else and kind of forgot about it.

Today I had to wait for a friend and downstairs was a large wine store. So I went in there to kill some time and I remembered that I had liked that house wine at Olive Garden. I asked them if they had that wine from the same vineyard and they had no idea what I was talking about. So I guess it will always be a mystery to the liquor and wine dealers around here.

Too bad – I liked that wine enough to buy several bottles and keep at home. But I can’t buy what I can’t find at the store.

Love the Sobe Drinks


Today I tried the Sobe citrus flavored drink for the first time. This is delicious. It’s like a smoother Sunny Delight. I especially like the way it is not carbonated and its made with good, natural ingredients, like real sugar and not corn syrup.

New Jeans

My jeans have worn out and I need a new pair. I don’t want “mom jeans” from Wal Mart but i don’t want $100 jeans from Macy’s either. So I thought I would see if Kohl’s has anything that looks good and fits me.

I went to Kohl’s and found a pair that I really like and they happened to be on sale, but they didn’t have my size. I will go to the other Kohl’s down by the mall and see if they have the right size. I can’t go until the weekend, but I think the sale price will be good through Saturday or maybe even Sunday. I’m not sure how the sale dates work for Kohl’s stores.

Sick Pup

Something has made my puppy sick. All she wants to do today is go outside and eat grass. I’ve been told that grass is like Pepto Bismol for dogs. So I don’t mind taking her outside as much as she needs. But I am worried about what would make her sick in the first place? Will eating the grass really make her feel better? How long do I let her do this before taking her to the vet? I’m so worried!


With Hannah Montana behind her, Miley Cyrus is a busy girl doing movies and the talk shows. Am I the only one who thinks her voice is very grating? I don’t know what it is about her voice, but I can’t stand to listen to her talk. She sounds like a duck squawking. Somehow she can sing – but talking, not so good.

Knock Knock

My nephew has discovered knock knock jokes. But he doesn’t even understand why they are funny. You can say anything for the answer and he laughs hysterically. LMAO

Winter Shivers

Its cold. I’m so sick of the cold weather. The sun never shines, the house never gets warm and my feet are so cold I have to wear socks to bed. I hate this winter weather!

Wild Horses

My favorite animals on Earth, second only to dogs, are horses. I love to watch these beautiful animals run.