Good food around town

Some of the local places that I like to take the family to have dinner are not the well known places that everyone else goes. I like the out of the way places that most in the area do not know about, and I try to avoid the chain restaurants.

For instance, Martins BBQ, in Nolensville, the original site of the BBQ joint created by a retired securities broker. They have some damn fine brisket and very good french fries. And the desserts are home made by a local lady, like chess pie and apple hand pies.

To eat catfish, I choose The Cock of the Walk near Opry Mills mall. They have wonderful catfish and the fixin’s are first rate. I like their style of cole slaw and they make a show out of fresh baked corn bread that is presented in a cast iron skillet and tossed in the air by the server before adding it to your table. There are a couple of other catfish places, like the Caney Fork Fish Camp, also near Opry Mills. And then there is Uncle Buds, who used to have several locations around town but recently sold them off and now have just one or two, plus their catering business.

These are just a few of the many “joints” in this area.


The Tennessee Vols are making a run at the SEC basketball title this year, lead by a coach who does things his own way. Bruce Pearl has left his mark on the Tennessee program.

The plan is to get the mens program up to the level of the UT Lady Vols and Coach Pat Summitt – who are searching for their 9th national championship this year. Coach Summit is truly a women’s basketball legend. She has probably been an inspiration and positive role model for more girls than any other woman in the sports world.


I am so tired of winter and the blue feeling you get from being inside all the time. I can not wait for spring and some warm weather. We do not get a lot of snow here in Nashville but we get rain and cold. Some sunshine is what I need and I am sure many others feel the same way.

Flat Iron

I have discovered a most wonderful piece of meat to grill, the flat iron steak, I think it is also called a skirt steak, when I grill this piece of meat it comes out tender and whe I marinade it has a wonderful flavor. It is so easy to grill 5 minutes on each side and it is ready to enjoy. Most of the time we find them on sale and buy ahead, they freeze well and thaw very easy, tonight the A-1 Chicago marinade. I can not wait.


I have taken up paintball as my newest form of recreation and fun. I really enjoy the competitive part of paintball and the team play is fun also. We try to play once or twice a week at the indoor play zone, as soon as the weather warms up we will start playing outdoors too. Nothing like shooting someone you do not know with a paint ball, so much fun.


I want to thank my good friend Tammy who turned me onto this blogging thing, I really like it and can not say Thank you enough to her for getting me started. I do not look at things the same way Tammy does so if you read her blog and mine you will get two different views of the same world.